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Media Objects: Single Shot Video

The Basketball

As part of the Media Objects assessment we were asked to film a one-minute video on the theme of success. The video was a one-minute, one continuous shot video. To get the video completed in time the group went through several different stages to have the process run as smoothly as possible. The steps we followed were:

  1.      Planning
  2.      Rehearsal
  3.      Filming

Planning out these steps and following them, rather than skipping some steps and going straight to the filming proved very helpful.


The planning stage was fairly straightforward. First we needed an idea. A requirement for the video was that the story needed to follow a three-line story. As the classroom was close to a basketball court, an idea revolving around basketball was viable and that became the idea. The three-line story we decided was:

  1.      A woman finds a basketball shoots it and misses
  2.      A man picks up the ball and offers to help
  3.      She takes another shot and succeeds

The idea was simple enough that we could finish the video in time without too much stress. As part of the planning stage we did a storyboard of the shots we wanted and a short summary of how the story was going to go.


The rehearsal stage of the video was important as it gave us time to plot out how the story would look in real-life rather than on a piece of paper. It gave us time to sort out any issues we were having without the pressure of the camera being on. During the rehearsals we were able to get all the timing right so that when it came to the filming stage we could take as little takes as possible to get it right.


Even with time spent on rehearsals, sometimes things are just out of your control. This is one thing we found out when it came to filming. Some elements are just out of our control. One element out of our control was the weather. As it was a poor day during the filming stage it started raining, which interrupted the filming somewhat and gave us less time to shoot the video. As well as the rain being a poor day also meant that the lighting conditions were also not ideal. Another element, which was difficult to control, was the basketball. The basketball sometimes did not go where we intended it to go. It became difficult when we had to run around after the ball while filming because the ball hit the ring in the wrong place and went off in a direction that was not intended. Eventually after we had completed around fourteen take we had one we were happy with.

Overall we succeeded in making a video we were happy with. This success was mainly due to the planning we did in the beginning and also the rehearsals. Without those first two stages the filming would have been much more difficult.