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Websites for Amateur Filmmakers

While using RSS Feeds to do research, I found an article from a blog I subscribe to that I thought was interesting. The blog entry ‘7 Great Websites for Amateur Filmmakers’ as the title suggests give a description of seven websites amateur filmmakers can use to get royalty free music, video, sound effects and images. Some of the sites are good suggestions while others, in my opinion are not very useful.


The three suggestions the blog entry has for music are all good choices. On each site however not all the music is free. Although not all the music is free, the three sites together should have music, which is free that suits your film.

Sound Effects

Only one site was given for royalty free sound effects, freesound.org. Although only one site was given freesound.org should provide you with just about everything you could need. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.


The blog entry suggests using archive.org for some royalty free video. Archive.org however, in my opinion, is a poor place to get royalty free videos. Whenever I have used this site I have found that all the video is very poor quality and for the most part unusable for short films. I have yet to find any really good sites for royalty free videos.


The blog entry suggests using flickr.com. This is fine but it is important to note that a lot of the images are not Creative Commons licensed. With a bit of looking though you can find great quality images which are do have Creative Commons Licenses.