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Digital Story Reviews

Take this lollipop

This digital story is quite clever. The reason it is so clever is that it uses brings you into the story. It makes you apart of the story and that really makes people continue to watch. As soon as it becomes personal, which this digital story uses really effectively, you want to see how it ends. One weakness of this story is that it is rather predictable. As soon as I put in the Facebook page I knew immediately what was going to happen. But otherwise, for people who do not know what is going to happen it can provide a really good ‘shock’ that there Facebook page is in the digital story.


This is an interesting digital story. Using twitter over a weeklong event has some advantages but also quite a few disadvantages. The weeklong event of telling this story is somewhat like a television series where you see one episode and then have to wait until the next comes out. This could help the suspense of the story, especially as it is a horror story. However one of the disadvantages is that people can lose interest really quickly. Most people who are not ‘die hard’ fans of the author may lose interest in the story really quickly or they may just forget or because they have to wait they may not even be bothered to follow along. This is one of the problems. From what I can tell the story leads up to a big finally which is in video format. This is problematic because follows of the story could drop quite a lot, especially because it is over one week, before the final piece of the story. Overall it is an interesting idea and I do believe if done right and if it is interesting from the first tweet then it could be a great new platform for story telling.

Bear 71

This is a great digital story that tells the story of nature and human society. It is an interactive digital story where the user can ‘follow’ Bear 71 around the national park while you hear a voice over from the ‘bears point of view’. This digital story begins with just over a minute film which demonstrates what bear traps can do and what happens to the bears after they are caught (given a tracking collar, a number is stuck to the ear and then released back into the wild while fireworks scare the bear off into the opposite direction of the park rangers). The story overall is quite good and in some points can really draw the user in and keep them watching. I did find myself at some points however to get a little bored, particularly when the interactive part started where you chase the bear around the forest. But maybe that is just because you go from an intense first video to the much less intense interactive part.