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Flipped Lecture – Digital Image Editing

I have not had a lot of experience using photo editing software. I know the basics of Photoshop but have never used gimp. It is interesting to compare the two programs, especially as Gimp is free software whereas Photoshop is not. It is no big surprise that Photoshop is a better program but whether the benefits of Photoshop are worth paying for is interesting to examine.

While looking at the differences between the two one of the interesting differences is the platforms each program is available on. Gimp is available across Mac, Windows as well as Linux, Photoshop on the other hand is only available on Mac and Windows not Linux. From what I have found online Linux users often refer to Gimp as the Photoshop alternative for the Linux platform.

From what I have read online Gimp has a steep learning curve. As I have never used the program before it is difficult for me to comment on that specific program, however I can comment on Photoshop. I am self-taught at Photoshop and with all the online resources at my disposal, YouTube tutorials and Lynda.com, it was relatively easy to learn the basics of the program and only took minimal time to achieve what I wanted with the program.

Photoshop is the industry standard photo editing software, but it is not free and is now on a subscription based. Gimp, although it has design flaws, as mentioned in the flipped lecture, is free and is definitely a good program to ‘get your feet wet’ in photo editing.

As to who should get which program really depends on who the person is. If the person does a lot of photo editing and editing at a higher level then it would be worth spending the money in Photoshop, however if you rarely use photo editing software and only need it on those rare occasions then Gimp is most likely the best program for you.