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Review: Creative Suburbs Digital Story

As part of the digital story for CMWP Patrick Rebakis and Karen Young collaborated with Creative Suburbs to make this digital story. The video is really well done. The animations used throughout the video are really effective and put together with some great time-lapse shots and some really interesting photos of people holding up suggestions for creative suburbs in front of a graffiti wall, which is a successful Creative Suburbs project, is really effective in getting the point across. The animation, time-lapse and the photos are nicely coupled with the voice over from Patrick. The voice over was straight to the point, I knew from the first few seconds what the voice over what the video was about and it was able to hold your attention really well. The music also suits the video and what the video is trying to achieve.

One suggestion would be that during the video, where the other person speaks, we are told who he is and what he has to do with Creative Suburbs or the community. His statements are really good and it would benefit the audience if they know who he is because, from what I can tell, he seems to have experience in community work. One other suggestion is, although this is really minor, is that it would have been good to remove the wideo.com logo, but I understand that you have to pay to remove it so I do not blame you for leaving it, I would as well. Both those suggestions are just really minor because the video was really well done.

This video was really well done and Creative Suburbs should be extremely happy with what Patrick Rebakis and Karen Young have done, especially considering three of there group members dropped out really late in the project. I highly recommended having a look at this video and sharing it.