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The eBook industry is an interesting research topic. For this post I will be focusing on the self-publishing form of eBooks. There are now quite a few different eBook formats now including Kindle, iBooks, MobiPocket Reader etc. These formats each have different ways of publishing an eBook onto the device.

Apples publishing software is iBook author, which is a free program that allows the users to publish onto the iBook store. It should be noted that when pubishing a book onto the iBook store, if the book is being sold Apple will usually take around 30 percent of each sale. If the book is free then Apple does not take any money from the author.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is a popular form of eBook publishing. It allows you to create your own cover and format your eBook from a Word file. It is important to note Amazons pricing though. Amazon offers 70% royalty rate for its authors, however that only applies to Kindle books priced below $9.99. If an eBook is priced above that then the rate drops to 35%. This is a strategy Amazon uses to keep their eBook cheap so people purchase a Kindle over other eBook readers.

Another way to publish an eBook is through a website called lulu.com. This site is does not charge you for making an eBook however it does offer a fee-based premium service. Lulu, from the research I have conducted takes a ten percent cut of your profit, which is similar to most sites like smashwords.com.

I found an interesting CNET article while conducting my research that gives some tips and tricks for making a successful eBook. Some of these include:

  1. Create an interesting cover – creating an eye catching cover that people actually click into to have a look is half the battle. The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is not really true. People judge books by their covers all the time so creating an interesting cover that stands out will make life a lot easier.
  2. Pricing your eBook – according to research done by Smashwords.com selling your eBook between $2.99 and $5.99 will get more sales while still having a healthy profit. Selling your eBook for 99c will of course get more sales but the profit margin is really small.
  3. Marketing – it is important to market your eBook and create awareness. There are thousands and thousands of eBook out there now so it is important for people to know about yours.