Industrial Media, Analysis and Reflection 3, Question 3

For this task we were required to edit together an abstract piece using footage from another group. The editing process was relatively simple I chose the Haiku before the editing process to give me a basis to how I should edit and what to aim for. The Haiku I chose was ‘No one travels, along this way but I, this autumn evening’. With this as the basis for the edit I found that the footage I used could somewhat link up with this Haiku. I decided to try and go for a much more literal response to the haiku. Firstly I found the empty alleyway in the footage which I overlaid with the sound of footsteps from the audio and the footage of a persons footsteps. I then finished with the two clips of night representing the autumn evening of the Haiku.

The idea that ‘the sum of all parts is greater than the whole’ is interesting. For this piece it is true each part, each layer adds to the whole story. Individually each clip is meaningless but combining and layering the clips can form a meaning to it. My meaning, as previously mentioned was much more literal, or as literal as I could get, according to the Haiku I chose. Having done this it is indeed true, at least for this abstract piece, that ‘the sum of all parts is greater than the whole’.

Technically the combining of the clips was fairly simple. Lowering and key framing the opacity was really easy in layering the clips. The audio was also fairly easy. The audio was very different in each of the clips so merging the clips meant fading the sound in and out to cover up the changes in audio. I decided to keep the in camera audio as the main sound rather than just use music as I felt it made the piece more interesting and helped the idea of making an abstract piece. The music I did use was from a royalty free pack I purchased and I chose a track that I was able to layer in very subtly as background music in the piece. I did layer the footsteps in at the beginning of the video and layered the atmospheric sounds the camera recorede throughout the piece. The footage was all shot on a tripod or with the camera resting on the ground and therefore I decided to put in a small zoom in or zoom out for each of the clips except the one with the feet. This seemed to somewhat help the transitions between each clip. One of the clips the camera was going in and out of focus which I decided to use to help the transition as well. The camera going in and out of focus meant the lights became blurred and then back in focus. I faded it in when the lights became blurred and faded it out as the lights went back into focus.

Layering, I found, made it much easier to create transitions between different audio and different video clips. The sound being layered also necessary to create certain effects, such as the footsteps walking over the atmospheric sound of other clips. I can see how it can be used in other more interesting ways, especially in the case of foley. Overall it was an interesting experiment, especially when using another persons footage and making sense of it in some manner.

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