Writing Reflectively

Reading the article about reflective writing was interesting and I picked up a few points that I feel can help in my own reflective writing.

The first was that reflective writing is actually more useful then I first considered. In the article it explains that ‘you will find things out you have not considered’ (Moon, p. 188). This interested me as it made sense. Gathering all your thoughts about the topic and writing them with no specific style or necessarily keeping a high quality of writing can really help sort through the information and this can ‘benefit your academic writing’.

The second point I gathered from the article that I found was an important point was familiar and unfamiliar situations. The article suggests that in new or unfamiliar situations, we ‘are more able to question and challenge it in order to understand it’ (Moon, p. 224). I feel this is an accurate point and one that is important to understand, especially when going into a familiar situation. Going into a familiar situation means we already have a pre-formed idea which makes it more difficult to question or challenge the it to better understand it.

Moon, J, A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: theory and practice, New York: RoutledgeFalmer, 2004.

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