Nostalgia For the Light – Analyse

This film is very deliberate in its construction. It is very dramatic and through the use of several techniques it influences how the audience should feel. Firstly when the camera does move the shots are dramatic slow and smooth camera movements, this seems to build the drama. The sound effects used in the first few shots are loud and clearly done in post, as was the case with all the sounds in this film. This demonstrates the deliberate construction of the film, everything has been planned prior to the filming.

The transition of the between the telescope room and the moon pictures was interesting. The roof opened showing the white light, which again was done in post-production, and then the light worked as a transition to the photos of the moon. It was an interesting choice of music for the photos of the moon. It was very dramatic music. It was used for dramatic effect quite well. When you really anaylse the scene without the music all it is are photos of the moon but when the music is added it is emotional music. The music is very and dramatic music which makes it feel as if someone has died, when in fact all it is are photos of the moon.

As soon as the man starts talking all the shots are tripod shots of objects around the house. From the first moment the man starts talking it is obvious the house is his, it then clarifies this even more when the man says ‘these objects which could have come from my childhood home…’ It clarifies that these are his possessions that remind him of his childhood home and it is why he possess them in his current home.

Many of the tripod shots the filmmakers use, although not all of them, seem to have some significance to what the man is saying. It is an interesting and quite a nice way of making a film. Rather than just show the man speaking, which can often be boring, they show some nice shots of objects and it works in a way to keep interest in what the man is saying.

As well as the voice over of the man speaking there are also atmospheric sounds such as the room noise and wind blowing and in one part you can here a rooster in the distance. This all helps to make the film interesting. Just hearing these sounds helps, even if the audience does not actively hear them it helps to feel as if the man talking is in the same room as where these shots have taken place and in my opinion making it feel more personal.

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