Making Lenny was an interesting experience. It’s not the first time I have made a short video but this proved much different from the others I have made.

Pre-production: the pre-production stage was fairly quick due to time constraints. Firstly we location scouted and found an area in building 80. We then did a quick run through of what the script required and then drew a floor plan of the location to mark out the movement.

Production: the production stage was the most different from the other short videos I have made. The biggest reason for this was as a result the changing roles. Each group member changed roles each scene. Usually each group member has an assigned role who focuses on this role. On a bigger production this would cause a lot of problems but as it was only a really small and quick shoot the changing roles did not affect the shoot that much, but this was one thing I have learned, it is important to assign roles so each person can focus solely on that role. This would make the production smoother, quicker, easier and less stressful.

Post-production: the final stage of Lenny was the post-production. Using Adobe Premiere was easy for me as I have a lot of experience with it before. Editing together the Lenny footage was fairly simple. It was under 25 seconds so it only took about 15 minutes to edit. One thing I learned and found interesting during the editing process is that it does not matter if the characters change from person to person when they are edited together it still flows and makes sense.

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