Flipped Lecture: Digital Audio Editing

My audio editing experience is relatively basic. I have used Audacity several times before but not in depth, GarageBand I looked at when I first bought a Mac computer but have not looked at it since. I have looked online for what other people think of the program and what I have found is that the general consensus is that GarageBand is more user friendly, like many Apple applications. Audacity on the other hand seems, for reviews of the program, to be a much more in-depth program for more advanced audio editing. The reviews I have found generally say that Audacity is much less user friendly.

Overall in my experience in Audacity is that it is not as difficult as what the reviews make out. With a little time and some online resources such as YouTube tutorials it is relatively simple to figure out the basics of the program. To get into

More advanced audio editing it does become more tricky and time consuming but that is the same with most programs, the basics are easy to master but becoming more advanced take time and patience.

GarageBand as I said previously, has a very user-friendly interface and is a relatively user friendly experience. Like Audacity the basics are easy and then become more difficult the more advanced you get, and it does get hard quickly. The online resources to teach people everything from the basics of audio editing to more advanced audio editing is quite vast.

Although I prefer Audacity over GarageBand it is defiantly worth checking out both programs. It will definitely come down to a ‘what you prefer’ basis, as both programs perform remarkably well. Both programs have advantages and disadvantages. Some things are easier to do in GarageBand others easier in Audacity. It is definetly worth learning at least the basics in both programs. Audio editing is a really good skill to have and one that I will continue to develop through the use of both Audacity and GarageBand.

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