Search Engine Comparison: Google vs. DuckDuckGo vs. InstaGrok

When it comes to search engines Google is the only one I have ever really used. When I compared two other search engines ( and I found some interesting differences. To compare the result I decided to search for ‘Godzilla’.

DuckDuckGo vs. Google

DuckDuckGo was similar to Google in the results of the search, with Wikipedia and IMDB being the first two results on both search engines. The differences, even though they are minor, can be attributed to DuckDuckGo not ‘tracking’ the search results. This means that when a search is made on DuckDuckGo the results are not tailored to the person searching whereas Google’s search results are. Google’s layout for displaying the results is very easy to navigate. Having information on the film on the right side of the page and the search results on the left proved it to be very handy. Overall DuckDuckGo and Google were similar the biggest difference being that DuckDuckGo does not track the searches made by a person.


The first thing I noticed with InstaGrok was how long it took to come up with the results. DuckDuckGo and Google were really quick, displaying the results almost instantly. InstaGrok took much longer. The next thing I noticed was the layout of the search results. It is clear that the aim of InstaGok was to be different and so they display the search results in an interactive map. There are many problems with this layout. One issue I had with the layout was the difficulty navigating the to what I wanted to find was frustrating and took much longer than what I have come to expect for a search engine. Finally when I did find something I wanted and clicked on it opened a window inside of the IntaGrok page instead of taking me straight to the page. This became annoying. In the window I did have the option to then go to the page however I would prefer to be take to the page when I click on the link. Finally I decided to try clicking one of the branches of the map titled ‘Legendary Pictures’ and came across this message ‘No websites for “legendary pictures”. Select another concept or adjust the difficulty’. This was very unhelpful and came up a lot whenever I clicked on other branches of the map. I even tried to adjust the difficulty as recommended and found no difference, very inconvenient.

As far as changing the default search engine goes it is very easy. For Safari, my browser of choice, it is under the ‘Safari’ tab and then under ‘preferences’ and finally under the ‘General’ tab the ‘Default Search Engine’ preference can be changed.

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